Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Voice Over Artist Audition/ Workshop at conducted on 25th January 2016 in New Delhi.

We always welcome all Regional Languages Voice Artist.
Kindly get connected with your voice samples with us for future upcoming Projects. For more details.
Visit :: , Ph :: 9810269265, 9990337337 

Friday, 22 January 2016

VOICE OVER AUDITION SCRIPT :: Female English & Hindi ( E-Learning )

Currently Reqd. Female Voice Artists for long term E-Learning projects association with
Deepak Agnihotri Voice Over Productions (

Only those need to apply who have Home recording Setup/ arrangement to Deliver Voices in time online from any part of India.
Kindly record the sample scripts as per character given in right column below:-
Send ur recordings in mp3 format at
For any info call :: 9810269265, 9990337337.
Script Below:-
Text to recorded                                                                                                         Character
Ash with cash
Rishi's cash prize
Rishi has won a cash prize in dance competition.
First, he goes to buy toffees worth 26 rupees.
Then he buys chips worth 32 rupees 25 paisa.
Lastly he buys a soft toy worth 113 rupees 50 paisa.
Rishi's cash memo
The shopkeeper generated the following bill for Rishi
Sohani, how much should I pay?
Shreya, you give all your coins to the shopkeeper.
You can make your own play money. It is very simple. Let me tell you.
female (cat)
Collect different coins.
female (cat)
Keep a coin on a flat table. Place a thin paper on it like shown in the diagram.
female (cat)

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Voice Over artists required in India - Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati, Marathi

Voice over Artist Reqd. to work online.
Languages :: Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati & Marathi.
If you want to audition for this job, please check the scripts attached here:-
To send your details pls read this article:-

Marathi Voice Over Script :-

Ashirvad pipes,Tumchya plumbing, sanitary aani drainage sathi ek maatr upaiAshirvad pipes.Vishwasanchi chalis varsh.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

ONLINE AUDITION :: Hi, We are make making a promo video & we need 2 male vo artists for some dialogues in english. Script is given below for 2 characters. If want to do online audition for this project pls record ur voice studio quality (noise free) & send it (mp3) imm at Thanks
For any clarification :: 9810269265, 9990337337
Script below :: -------->>
Mr Kumar Happily replied :: Due to IET his Profit graph is increasing bcoz he have Affiliation of LSEL.
Mr. Sharma eagerly asked :: But what is IET& LSEL affiliation.
Mr. Kumar replied :: IET is the “Incredible Education Trust” Located in New Delhi, Registered under trust act and from various govt. departments.
LSEL is the London School of Education Ltd. is independent & autonomous organization in UK, providing
Affiliation to Institute for 200+ Online Skill Courses in UK & out of UK also. IET is the channel partner of
LSEL for Asia Region.
Mr Sharma :: Could you please tell me the benefit you got from IET & LSEL Affiliation?:
Mr. Kumar Replied :: There is huge benefit of Affliation Like:-

Website ::